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Streamlining Vim's :grep 

Vim’s most straightforward method of global search is its :grep command, which invokes 'grepprg' (often grep or a drop-in replacement such as ag). It’s awkward that Vim dumps the output of 'grepprg' and prompts the user to return to editing by pressing Enter. It’s possible to eliminate that extraneous and disorienting step without creating a custom command by using a command-line-mode abbreviation: Read more

Introducing Composer.vim 

Composer.vim provides Vim support for Composer PHP projects. Features include a command-line wrapper with smart completion of subcommands, flags, and even package names from remote package repositories such as; go-to-definition for classes, interfaces, and traits using Composer's autoloader; and integrations with Projectionist.vim and Dispatch.vim. Read more

The Planck Keyboard 

The Planck is a 40% computer keyboard with an ortholinear layout (the keys are arranged in columns rather than being staggered as on a traditional typewriter keyboard). The keys are laid out in a 4 × 12 grid with a 2-unit-wide spacebar on the bottom row, for a total of 47 keys. Here's how I set mine up for programming on Unix-like systems. Read more

Restclient.el for Emacs 

The restclient.el package provides a REPL-like interface for HTTP requests, which is particularly useful for exploring REST APIs. It supports variables, evaluation of lisp forms, and pretty-printing of JSON and XML responses. Read more