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Vim and Progressive Enhancement 

Many of my favorite Vim plug-ins build on and improve existing Vim functionality rather than entirely reinventing it. In this article, we take a look at enhancing built-in commands with custom functionality along with several techniques for specifying fallbacks. Read more

The 'wildcharm' Setting 

Vim's 'wildcharm' setting allows you to invoke command-line completion from macros (including mappings). We take a look at a practical example involving a convenient mapping for switching among open buffers. Read more

Vim's Buffers, Windows, and Tabs 

Tabs are a popular UI paradigm for GUI text editors, browsers, and more. The fact that Vim also has a feature called “tab pages” that looks a lot like tabs from other programs can be a common source of frustration for newcomers. In a typical GUI editor, each tab represents a single document. Vim’s tab pages are not tied to documents at all, but rather contain window layouts. First, some definitions: Read more

Vim's : (Colon) Register 

In addition to the named registers a-z and the numbered registers 0-9, Vim has quite a few others including the read-only command register :. Executing a command in command-line mode, such as :write, populates the colon register. You can verify this with the :reg[isters] command. Read more

Vim Terminology in Latin 

Find yourself having trouble conversing about your favorite text editor in Latin? Here’s a list of phrases to help you out (Estne difficile tibi dē editoriō optimō latīnē colloquī? Ecce tabella locūtiōnum ūtendārum): Read more