SPIonic is a public domain font that represents ASCII characters as Greek letters and diacritics. It uses a scheme based on Beta Code with a few variations, the most significant of which is that uppercase letters are represented by uppercase letters and lowercase by lowercase (whereas Beta Code uses *A for uppercase alpha and A for lowercase alpha). This tool will convert Greek written using this scheme into Unicode Greek characters.


If you encounter technical difficulties or limitations, please let me know so I can make improvements.

Change Log

  • Fixed an issue where iota subscriptum could not be composed with diacritical marks in a specific order.
  • Added support for punctuation.
  • Fixed a bug where spiritus lenis would get converted to spiritus lenis + acute.
  • Corrected ‘j’ → final sigma, ‘v’ → lowercase digamma.
  • Added capital digamma.
  • Added support for the wide variants of the diacritical marks.
  • This is the initial release.